About me

I am a fourth-year predoctoral researcher at the Prosodic and Gestural Studies Group (GrEP-G) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, working under the supervision of Dr. Pilar Prieto (ICREA/UPF) and Dr. Alfonso Igualada (UOC). 

I hold a M.A. in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics from the Department of Translation and Language Sciences at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. My specialization in the Master was in Language Acquisition. My Master thesis examined the link between gestures and prosody in children's narrative discourse under the supervision of Dr. Pilar Prieto.

I am interested in children's multimodal development -that is, how gesture and speech develop hand in hand- and its relation with language development. Specifically, my dissertation examines a) how multimodality can help boost narrative and pragmatic abilities of typically developing and clinical (Autism and DLD) populations and b) how are these multimodal, narrative and pragmatic abilities related in these populations.

Also, I am a collaborator member of the GRECIL (Cognition and Language Research Group) inter-university group from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and Universitat de Barcelona.

My research interests

Multimodal development

Embodied cognition

Narrative and pragmatic development

Gesture-speech development

Language and socio-communicative impairments


Developmental Language Disorder

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